Who We Are

Darsana was originally founded in 2015 as a producer and distributor of specialty foods. As “Darsana” stands for “to give health”, we serve the best raw, authentic, and organic products for our customers. Certified by OU Kosher Agency and International Food Standard (IFS), we ensure the traceability of the products and rigorous hygienic and sanitary regulations.


Over the past 3 years, working closely with our trusted overseas partners, Darsana has had established success in the distribution of truffles. Equipped with strong network and advisory skills, Darsana has expanded itself as a food consulting firm, whose clients range from truffle farmers from the bucolic forests of Tuscany, Italy, to industry leaders in Western China and North America.


Using research and data based approaches to facilitate product integration, Darsana not only assists international companies establish their market, but also helps international companies find ways to innovate. 

What We Do

Darsana has years of experience working with various international markets, retails, and channels. With our One-Stop Solution, we have successfully managed to improve online, offline, and Omni channel operations in the following ways:

  • Operating and marketing expertise in food/beverage industries

  • Relationships with various European & Asian e-commerce, including Alibaba, JD and Vipshop.

  • Ability to match the suitable channel and platform immediately.

  • Focus on brand positioning before any channel development.

  • Full range of secondary services from business consulting, re-branding, product innovation, online media marketing, sales strategy, etc.

  • Advantages of economic in costs and resources.

Our Partners & Clients

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