KUTA Story

Our Products

Kuta began as a truffle brand, and our love for the truffle has compelled us to continue the art of creating truffle products.

Our truffles are sourced 100 percent organically from

the hills of San Miniato in the south of Tuscany in Italy, accompanied by their faithful Lagotto Romagnolo, the “lake dog from Romagna”, carefully select the 6-7 years slumbered truffles from underground to give our customers the premium truffle experience.

As a result, our fresh white truffles and summer black truffles have been the top-selling products and guaranteed for the fast shipping method to preserve the best freshness of truffles.

With modern technology, Kuta products ensure transparency in all aspects, from sanitary regulations to our pursuit of excellence and passion for providing premium cuisine products, we hope our raw, authentic, and organic truffle products render the best Tuscany gastronomical tradition. 


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