About Kuta Tartufi

Kuta Tartufi began as a truffle brand and our love for the truffle has compelled us to continue the Art of creating fine truffle products. Our truffles are sourced organically from the south of Tuscany in Italy where truffle hunting is a tradition that has been going on for generation after generation.

By carefully selecting only truffles that have been underground at least 6-7 years for our products, we guarantee that customers will be sure to have a premium truffle experience.

The vision of Darsana, creator of the Kuta brand, is to use the finest quality truffles available in both well known and innovative products at a reasonable price. Our main responsibility is to satisfy the client. The continuous research and attention to quality and taste are the basis of our work ethic. We constantly work to be aligned with the needs and diversity of people of various cultures, creating new products every year.


During the years, our philosophy has focused a lot on the development and representation of the product’s image. We think that packaging plays a fundamental role in food companies, guarantee the best quality for the product and conservation. The attention to detail makes our packaging unique and continuous improvement in design and materials, but with the respect for nature that is the mother of truffles.