A Glance at Our Operations

Here at Darsana, we work as advocates for our clients by achieving their goals through the proper design, and implementation of food service facilities, management systems, and operations. We also assist our clients by finding new market segments, and developing channels of distribution to raise capital. Additionally, we work with clients to help provide the proper exposure needed to expand their services through numerous food expos in North America, Europe, and Asia respectively.


Aside from how we operate, we also provide more personalized services based on your specific needs. Such services include, but are not limited to:

  • Project Management

  • Food Brand Development

  • Office Operations

  • Clients Development

  • Strategic Financial Analysis

  • Operating Procedures & Systems

Brand Exposure on a Global Scale

We here at Darsana will work closely with your brand to gain exposure at many different food expos across North America, Europe, and Asia. Here are some food expo events in which we can help you promote your brands, and the products that you wish to showcase for them.

Our Partners


Specialty Products for Average Consumers

Although our focus has shifted to food consulting, we still continue to provide various international goods products. From 100% organic truffles to kitchenware, we have many different specialty products for sale. Here are the two primary types of products that we currently sell. (Click the logo below for more information)


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